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【提要】according to Centaline research center monitoring data, the National Day vacation after the first week, all commercial housing tur
according to Centaline research center monitoring data, the National Day vacation after the first week, all commercial housing turnover rebound. The country's 40 large and medium-sized city commercial housing a total turnover of 5920000 squavilla beijingre meters, a week before the growth ring than 136%, wherein the first, second line and three or four city or were 153%, 143%, 125%.
"property buyers from the intentions were to reflect the transaction data for real estate trading center, about a week or so time difference. That is to say, 'eleven golden week' the real deal, is embodied by the second week of October transaction data. Last week the market transaction data, and therefore has the unusual significance." G and red analysts Xue Jianxiong said.
Shanghai property market turnover has exceeded last year
goldeapartment for rent in beijingn week how many "gold"? This problem has been the best interpretation in the real estate market. According to the twenty-first Century property statistics, the first week after the golden week, Shanghai bridal chamber clinch a deal area of 362000 square meters, a year deal area rose 54.5% weeks were new houses.
as of October 13th, area of Shanghai this year to the new contract, up to 9582000 square meters, have two and a half months exceeded last year's total turnover of 9387000 square meters. Experts said, Shanghai "golden nine silver ten" market not inferior to three or four months of this year, the harvest two "pots of alms bowl of" developers years, will be firmly locked on annual income.
in addition to Shanghai, other first-tier cities golden week were equally gratifying. It is understood, Shenzhen on Monday, the second-hand housing market turnover rose sharply, the total 16072 for 2323 sets, annulus comparing rose 251.44%. Among them, a housing a total of 935 sets of transactions, annulus comparinbeijing villasg rises 259.62%, rise compared to the same period 12.52%; clinch a deal area of 83100 square meters, annulus comparing rose 205.51%; second-hand housing a total of 1388 sets of transactions, annulus comparing rises 246.13%; clinch a deal area of 113400 square meters, annulus comparing rose 233.53%.Transaction data
typical second tier city is also very optimistic. Last week the Changsha City new commodity housing area six of 3315 sets of transactions, an increase over the previous week 1531, increased 86% than the ring. Hot regional net sign quantity Furong district, Yuhua District, Wangcheng District, quarter on quarter growth was more than two times.
the property market supply shortage
experts said, look at the structure of transactions, rigid demand and improve sexual needs are the main contract. Compared with the warm demand, supply shortage increased day CD frequency.
Centaline data show, last week the country's 40 large and medium-sized city commercial housing supply of 4240000 square meters, annulus comparing rose 31% in 2012 compared with last week, but were still down 27% supply level. Divided city, supply first-tier cities is still tense, the chain continued to decline, down 14%, supply line and the three or four line of the city has increased. Taking Shanghai as an example, as of October 13th this year, Shanghai bridal market transactions 9>

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